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Empowering Women to embrace sex and intimacy while navigating motherhood one conversation at a time.


Hi there! If you're here, I'm guessing it's because you want to work with me. Well, you're definitely in the right place and one step closer.


Perhaps you need someone to teach your audience how to identify and work towards their sexual goals? 

I can speak to your audience about topics relating to:

  • Embracing their sexuality and navigating sex after pregnancy

  • Postpartum Sex/Sex and Motherhood

  • Self-love, Safer sex, and overall sexual health

  • Rekindling intimacy and improving their relationships 

Let's face it, you need someone your audience can relate to, understands their pain and struggles, and makes them feel safe enough to engage and get the most out of the conversation, so look no further. 


Book me for your next event, and trust that your audience will leave feeling understood, educated, and empowered. Know that your audience will better understand why they are faced with certain obstacles related to sex and intimacy and will be equipped with tools and information to overcome these hurdles.


In most cases, swag bags are available for all guests attending your event. Swag bag varies based on the type of event.


I also offer Customized workshops, keynotes, and sessions available upon request. 

Hear from past clients

I loved having Nikkita on my podcast to discuss solo play after divorce. Her energetic personality, matched with her wealth of knowledge, made the episode entertaining and very informative. My followers raved about her content and felt liberated after listening to her advice on how to create more pleasure in the bedroom. The episode with Nikkita ("50 Shades of Vibrations") was my most viewed and talked about episode from my podcast's first season. If you're looking for an expert to educate an audience on what often can be seen as a sensitive topic (sex and masturbation), I highly recommend Nikkita. -  Sadie Marie, Podcast Host
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