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Hello there! I’m Nikkita
 a Certified Clinical Postpartum Sex & Intimacy Coach, Master SEXpert, and Sex Educator. 

My passion and purpose are serving others and fixing or providing solutions to [sexual] problems. You may refer to me as "The Oliva Pope" of postpartum sexual issues.

There isn't enough discussion about sexual changes after pregnancy. I want to change this narrative by discussing the strain parenting difficulties, infertility challenges, and learning how to coexist with others have on your relationship and sex life. Aside from my personal experiences, hearing other parents' perspectives has helped me understand how important it is to normalize and embrace the truth about postpartum and its effects on our intimate and sexual lives.

I left the IT industry to pursue my love and passion for sex education. Sensational Vibes, an online adult emporium, was founded to empower people and couples with tools and items to improve their sex lives. I realized I wanted to do more than just sell sex toys. This led me to obtain my Sex Ed and Coaching certifications.

I have been featured on "Sadie's Divorced and Happy" Podcast. My episode "50 Shades of Vibrations" was Sadie's most listened-to episode of 2020. "Sayith Loud" Podcast, "PaulsCast 357" Podcast, "The Committee" Podcast, and briefly co-hosted "The Sex Packets" podcast. I am also a Sex Blog writer for and serve on the advisory panel as a Sex Coach for Kossie, a UK-based lifestyle magazine. I have helped numerous women and their partners feel more confident and fulfilled. I am passionate about empowering them (and you) to embrace sexuality and transform their (your) sex life and relationship.


Fun Facts

I was named after Elton John’s 1985 single “Nikita.” The song came on the radio when my mom was in labor, and on the way to the hospital, she instantly fell in love with the name, and although my dad was set on naming me Paris, my mom said when she had me, I looked like a Nikkita (whatever that means).

My favorite snack is Snickers Ice Cream… despite being severely lactose intolerant AND allergic to chocolate. Guess you can say I live life a little on the wildside….

I am the least athletic person I know, yet I played Basketball, Soccer and ran Track in grade school. I made each team because of my ambition and dedication (and clearly not my athleticism).

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