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I Had an Orgasm While Working Out and Here's Why!

Have you ever felt like you were having (or about to have) an orgasm in the middle of a workout?

It is possible to experience an orgasm while exercising. If you’ve experienced this before, it’s called an exercised-induced orgasm (aka coregasm).

But what exactly is it?

The term “coregasm” refers to an orgasm that occurs during exercise. It usually happens when someone engages their core muscles during a workout.

Certain core movements may trigger the pudendal nerve. This is the primary nerve in the pelvis that creates a sensation in places such as the genitals. According to some doctors, this nerve is the primary nerve of sexual function.

Experts are unsure about the actual process behind coregasms. But according to studies, it is usually related to a rigorous core or abdominal workout.

Note that ab workouts aren’t the only way a person might experience this type of orgasm. A coregasm can be induced by lifting weights, running, climbing, squatting, pilates, etc.

Women are most likely to experience a coregasm, but men can also have them.

Pelvic floor recoil is assumed to be the cause of female coregasms. This is where the pressure on various locations surrounding the pelvis and genitalia is increased by abdominal and pelvic floor contractions, stimulating the area. It’s completely different in the male body. Male coregasms are believed to be brought on by internal muscle pressure stimulating the prostate.

Coregasms can occur even when there is no arousal or physical stimulation. While some people like this sensation, it can be annoying to others.

Every person & experience is different, but coregasms are more common than you think and are absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.

I have more coregasms when I’m consistently in the gym, and my abdominal muscles are stronger than when I take breaks in my workout routine. The stronger my core, the more I coregasm.

Have you ever experienced a coregasm? If so, let me know in the comments what type of workout you did when it happened and your experience/thought process at the time.

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